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Arctic 01 Skirmish Battlemat 36in x 28in

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Arctic 01 Skirmish Battlemat

Size 3ft x 2ft 4in (36" x 28") suitable for 28mm scale miniatures

Miniatures and scenery NOT included.

Battlemats have been designed to replicate the detailed playing surface of fully sculpted custom boards. This Battlemat has been designed using high-resolution photographic images of physical wargaming terrain. This gives the mat an amazingly realistic look but remains perfectly flat, so it can be rolled up and safely stored.
Battlemats are printed using heavy duty materials. They have a matt finish with virtually no material grain which provides excellent clarity for the printed image. It is fade and scratch resistant and reduces dice roll and noise when rolling dice across its surface.

This Battlemat is printed on neoprene (mouse mat material) A softer padded material of approximately 2 / 2.5mm in thickness.

PRICE: £ 35.00

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