Do the words “Patriot Games” or the Patriot Games logo appear on the play mat?
The words “Patriot Games” or the Patriot Games logo do not appear on the play mat.

Do you ship to my country?
We can ship to virtually any address in the world.
Our shopping basket may not always show you a choice, but you can always email for an individual shipping quote.
Note that there are some restrictions on some products, and we may not be able to ship to your destination.

What are the quality of the mats?
All our mats are now printed on the superior 2mm thick neoprene with a high thread count polyester surface, suitable for computer gaming.

How long will my mat take to arrive?
We aim to post orders within 5 working days of ordering.
Larger orders are normally posted within 10 working days.

Can I provide my own artwork?
Yes, you can!
We have a full custom item builder within the website.
Order the full custom service then send us the artwork via e-mail as an attachment to playmats@patriotgames.ltd.uk or send the file(s) via wetransfer.com to playmats@patriotgames.ltd.uk.

Please note: As all items are hand made, We recommend your artwork be between 5 and 10mm bigger than the item you have have ordered to allow for slight movement during the manufacturing process. This will avoid any white lines around the edge of your product.

If you provide the artwork, we don’t provide a preview unless you : a) requested one or b) the image is significantly different to the shape of the item you have ordered.

Can you setup my mat for me?
If you don’t have a single image, it takes 2-5 working days (maybe more if the designer has to render images) to create an initial layout. If you have photos and images you want to use please email the details and we will discuss your options. The designer will usually email you right away letting you know what they can do and will give you a time frame on when you will be receiving your first initial preview. Please make sure you provide us with a working email and make sure to unblock us in your email set-up. (If you don’t see any emails from us within 5 working days please email us as soon as possible, but don’t forget to check your “Junk/Spam E-Mail Folder”)

Please note: We cannot start production on the personalized play mat until we get the confirmation and approval from you to print it. We won’t manufacture your personalized play mat until this process is complete.

What are the accepted file formats for artwork?
Files in JPG (low compression), PNG, PDF, TIFF and PSD formats are recommended.

Are there any limitations to what I can and cannot print?
Yes, our company policy forbids us from printing any image with extreme violence, blood, gore, and any form of pornography. Using copyrighted images and logos is also forbidden. We will ask you to change the image if we feel that your image falls under one of the categories.

Why I am experiencing a problem when I use the payment checkout?
We use 3D payment protection to provide our customers with an extra layer of security. If the shipping address you provided on our website is different from your PayPal account shipping address or the address where your card is registered, our website and PayPal may reject your transaction, this security feature is to protect you from fraud. You may have to change your shipping address in your Paypal account to match with the shipping address you have selected on our website or add another shipping address in our website during the checkout process to match with your PayPal account. If you still experience problems please contact sales@patriotgames.ltd.uk to discuss your problem.

How do I know what is happening with my order?
With any order placed on custompatriot.uk there will be details in your 'account' area. Progress of the order will be marked and any notes / tracking information from us will also be added to the order.

I am an artist or designer and I design my own play mats / accessories.
Can I order a larger quantities with my own design, at a cheaper price, to sell to my Clients or Customers?
Yes please contact us.
We can provide a bulk order service or a one-off service for each time one of your customers orders a mat, including mailing and using your own paperwork.