About Custom Patriots

Patriot Games is a Bricks and Mortar Gaming Store, an FLGS (Friendly Local Games Store).
It is situated in the heart of Sheffield, UK and has been dedicated to promoting and supporting gaming in all its forms for more than 25 years.

Starting life as a market stall, Patriot was better known for Comic Books than for games (reflected in the name at the time – Patriot Comics). Later moving out of the market and into a shop close by, focusing equally on gaming and comics, the move toward dedicated games store had begun.

In 2002 Patriot Comics changed its name to Patriot Games and has never looked back.

We have a strong history of running regular organised play events, tournaments and community events. Our ethos has always been to support gaming and gamers and to provide a community for all.

Then in 2014 we expanded into manufacturing. Acquiring modest equipment to allow us to make our own custom play mats for prize support and retail. Within 2 years we had our own dedicated building and much larger equipment. We currently produce dozens of product lines, work with designers and developers, producing bespoke items, crowd funding rewards and entire product lines. You have an idea for a product, we'd love to hear about it.